The objective of the Sharing phase is to post the participant's story online, promote the hell out of it, and generally celebrate their generosity and awesomeness. Sharing is one of the key ways we give back to our participants. In the pilot, we created a simple WordPress site that we used as a central repository for all of the stories. Increasingly, participants used it to discover other participant's stories and find like-minded people.

1. Publish the story online

Post the approved story content to your website. Yay! Do a happydance :)

2. Compose and share social media content

Use StoryEngine tracker — social media sheet to compose tweets and posts to share on your social media websites. This content can also be shared with the participant so they can share.

3. Communicate with participant

Use boilerplate email template (Published Story) to let the participant know their story is published. You can copy anyone you’d like on this email (organizational communications department, project leaders, etc.).

4. Update StoryEngine tracker

Keep master tracker sheet up-to-date with the latest information, including a link to the participant’s story.

After you have published several stories, you are ready to start analysis!

Sharing tools + templates

The following is a list of suggested tools, services, hardware, and software.

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